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Distinguished and Famous people from Pingelly

Pingelly, a small town located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, is rich in history and renowned for producing many distinguished and famous people. Let's take a closer look at some of the notable personalities who called Pingelly their hometown.

1. Les Everett: Born in Pingelly, Les Everett is a famous sports journalist and author known for his works on Australian football. He started his career as a sports journalist in 1976, working for various newspapers and radio stations. Les has also authored several books on football, including "The Flying Doormat" and "Dockers at Eight." He has won numerous awards for his contribution to sports journalism and is a respected figure in the Australian football community.

2. Albert Facey: Albert Facey, an Australian farmer and author, was born in the Wheatbelt region, just outside of Pingelly. His autobiography, "A Fortunate Life," is a celebrated Australian classic and has been translated into several languages. The book describes his life from his early childhood in a poverty-stricken family to his experiences in World War I and his later years in rural Western Australia. Facey's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and has captivated readers worldwide.

3. Tim Hammond: The former Australian politician and Member of Parliament for Perth, Tim Hammond was born in the neighboring town of Narrogin. However, he spent his childhood in Pingelly, attending the local primary school. Tim went on to study law and became a barrister, before turning to politics. He served as Member of Parliament for Perth from 2016 to 2018 and contributed significantly to public life in Australia.

4. Harry Lockett: Harry Lockett, also known as "The Whip Man," was a legendary horse trainer from Pingelly. He was known for his unique training methods and for using a whip to train his horses instead of reins. His training system was so successful that many of his horses went on to win major races across Australia. Lockett's success as a horse trainer brought considerable fame and fortune to Pingelly and played a crucial role in establishing the town's racing industry.

5. James Knowlson: James Knowlson, an English literary scholar, and biographer, was born in the UK but spent much of his childhood in Pingelly, where his father was a farmer. He is best known for his work on Samuel Beckett, a famous Irish playwright and novelist. His biography, "Damned to Fame," is considered the definitive account of Beckett's life and has won several international awards.

6. Walter Padbury: Walter Padbury, an Australian pioneer and businessman, is considered one of the founding fathers of Western Australia. He settled in Pingelly in the 1850s and began his business ventures, which included sheep farming, wheat production, and shipping. His business empire extended across Western Australia, and he played a crucial role in the development of the state's economy.

7. Sir Robert Taylor: Sir Robert Taylor, a distinguished Australian lawyer, and jurist was born in Pingelly. He went on to study law in Perth and became one of Australia's most respected legal minds. He served as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia and was later appointed to the High Court of Australia. Sir Robert Taylor's contribution to the Australian legal system is widely recognized and has left a significant impact on the country's jurisprudence.

the town of Pingelly has produced many distinguished and famous people across a wide range of fields. From sports journalism to literature, politics to horse training, Pingelly's locals have made their mark on the world stage. Their contributions continue to inspire and shape the lives of those who come after them.

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