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Businesses That Contribute to Eco Green in the Region of Pingelly, Western Australia

Pingelly is one of the regions of Western Australia that shows great interest in preserving the environment. There are businesses in this region that are contributing to the eco-green initiative, promoting sustainable practices and ecological conservation.

Here is a list of environmentalists whose benefits are making the region of Pingelly eco-friendly:

1. Greenacres Piggery
Greenacres Piggery is a pork production farm located in the region of Pingelly, Western Australia. The farm is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in pork production. As part of this commitment, the farm has adopted a closed-loop manure system to reduce water pollution. The manure system captures the pig waste as a resource and turns it into a valuable fertiliser for crop production. Greenacres Piggery also has a zero-waste policy, meaning that the farm recycles and reuses all materials on the farm.

2. The Green Bean Company
The Green Bean Company is a coffee roaster located in Pingelly, Western Australia. The company is committed to environmentally friendly practices, sourcing only organic and fair-trade coffee beans. The Green Bean Company delivers coffee without any packaging, reducing the generation of unnecessary waste. The company also donates a portion of their profits to reforestation projects in areas affected by deforestation.

3. Misty Springs Eco Retreat
Misty Springs Eco Retreat is an eco-friendly accommodation located in the region of Pingelly, Western Australia. The retreat is committed to sustainability, using solar energy to power the main lodge and cabin. The retreat also has a rainwater collection system, ensuring a sustainable and renewable water supply. Additionally, the retreat has implemented a zero-waste policy, with a focus on composting, recycling and reusing.

4. ANCO Seed and Turf
ANCO Seed and Turf is a seed and turf producer located in Pingelly, Western Australia. The company specialises in producing drought-tolerant grasses that require less fertiliser and water than traditional varieties. ANCO Seed and Turf is committed to water conservation, with a focus on developing grasses that require minimal irrigation. The company also has a sustainable fertiliser programme that ensures the health of the environment while promoting crop growth.

5. Water by Design
Water by Design is an irrigation specialist company located in Pingelly, Western Australia. The company is committed to providing sustainable irrigation solutions, reducing water usage and lowering the impact of irrigation on the environment. Water by Design offers a range of products and services that promote water efficiency and conservation, including sensors, drip irrigation, and greywater recycling.

6. Boyanup Brook Envirocare
Boyanup Brook Envirocare is a company that specialises in revegetation and ecological restoration services. The company is committed to reintroducing native vegetation and restoring degraded ecosystems in the region of Pingelly, Western Australia. Boyanup Brook Envirocare provides a wide range of services including site preparation, planting, and maintenance services for farmers, conservation groups, and government agencies.

7. Solar Rivers
Solar Rivers is a solar energy provider that is committed to supporting the transition to renewable energy. The company provides solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications in Pingelly, Western Australia. Solar Rivers works with local businesses and government agencies, providing customised solutions to meet their specific requirements. The company is also committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that their systems operate at maximum efficiency.


These businesses show great commitment to environmentally friendly practices, promoting sustainability and ecological conservation. They serve as role models for other businesses in the region of Pingelly, Western Australia and elsewhere. These companies not only focus on preserving the ecological environment but also contribute to the socioeconomic growth of the region. It is heartening to see such initiatives that promote a healthier and more sustainable future.

Contact Details
1. Greenacres Piggery: Address: LOT 102 - 110 Woodfield Road, Pingelly WA 6308, Phone: (08) 9887 6008
2. The Green Bean Company: Address: 56 Mowen Road, Pingelly WA 6308, Phone: 0437 945 ***
3. Misty Springs Eco Retreat: Address: 419 South Kumminin Road, Pingelly WA 6308, Phone: +61 429 737 ***
4. ANCO Seed and Turf: Address: 17500 Great Southern Hwy, Pingelly WA 6308, Phone: (08) 9887 1052
5. Water by Design: Address: 622 Cloan Rd, Pingelly WA 6308, Phone: (08) 9884 1056
6. Boyanup Brook Envirocare: Address: 2-6 Bennett Street, Pingelly WA 6308, Phone: 1800 696 ***
7. Solar Rivers: Address: 76 Nicholson Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Phone: 1300 991 ***

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